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The Milton Smith Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship T&Cs

The Milton Smith Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship T&Cs

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/ The Milton Smith Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Scholarship T&Cs


Students must meet all conditions as outlined in the agreement. You must read these Terms and conditions in their entirety before you accept your scholarship offer. When you accept your scholarship offer, you are agreeing to and accepting these Terms and conditions and any other requirements and conditions of your scholarship listed on the Open Colleges website, outlined in your offer email or subsequent scholarship agreement.

Application process

Applications open:        16 April 2018

Applications close:        31 July 2018

Once you apply, your information will be securely stored until after the application closing date. It will then be reviewed by the relevant scholarships panels. Both unsuccessful and successful applicants will be notified via email approximately 2 weeks after application closing date.

If your application is unsuccessful, you may be contacted by an Open Colleges Enrolment Consultant at a later date.

Accepting your scholarship

All students offered scholarships will receive a scholarship offer pack via email containing an offer letter and these Terms and conditions. You will be advised how to accept or reject your scholarship in your offer letter. If you do not complete the acceptance as instructed, your scholarship may be withdrawn and/or reallocated.

Scholarship value and payments

The total value of your scholarship is outlined in your scholarship offer email, and will be related to the course fees at time of enrolment. The scholarship will be used solely to fund your tuition costs and is not redeemable for cash. Materials required for you to complete your studies (as outlined in your course guide) are not included in this offer, being it your responsibility to cover any extra costs.

Your scholarship will be terminated once you have completed the course or become ineligible to continue receiving access to the course under these Terms and conditions.

Holding multiple scholarships

The student must not be in receipt of any other scholarship grants or financial incentives funded by other bodies or institutions.

Eligibility criteria and conditions of scholarships

  • Enrolment requirements
    To be eligible to receive this scholarship, applicants must be of Australian Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent.
    We acknowledge that your Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage is something that is personal to you and that you do not need a letter of confirmation to identify as an Indigenous person. However, as this scholarship is intended to address Indigenous-specific educational issues, supplying proof of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander heritage will help us make sure that the scholarship is serving its intended purpose.

    Proof of this must be supplied in the form of:
    • A statutory declaration detailing your family heritage, or
    • A letter of confirmation (from a community organisation or land council)
    Find out more about Proof of Aboriginality here:
  • Applicants must also meet the entry requirements of their chosen course. This includes having access to any required computer software.
  • In order to be considered for this scholarship, applicants must complete a 1-page personal statement that describes:
    1. why you are the right person to receive the scholarship and what it means to you
    2. future career goals
    3. reasons for your choice of course and how it is linked to your future career
    The scholarship recipient will be selected by a panel of Open Colleges staff, including the Training Operation Manager of the chosen course.

Eligible courses

4 scholarships are available per calendar year:

  • 1 within Business, Finance and Technology
  • 1 within Animal Science, Design and Trades 
  • 1 within Education 
  • 1 within Health, Community and Beauty

The Milton Smith ATSI Scholarship does not cover applications for any Open Colleges School of Health courses.

Deferring your scholarship

The student must begin the course within 3 months of the date they accept the scholarship. The scholarship cannot be deferred to a later date.

Getting an extension on your course

Should the student require an extension to complete their course.

Transferring your scholarship to another course

Once the student has accepted the scholarship for their chosen course, it cannot be transferred to any other course.

Withdrawing from your course

If the student withdraws from the course, their scholarship and access to the OpenSpace, the online campus, is revoked.

Scholarship termination

Open Colleges may terminate your scholarship if you have:

  • discontinued from your course or have inactive enrolment
  • failed to meet the eligibility criteria and conditions of your scholarship

Consequences of termination

If your scholarship is terminated you will no longer have access to OpenSpace, the online campus.

Providing false information

The awarding of your scholarship is based on the information that you provide to Open Colleges. Your scholarship may be withdrawn at any stage if you provide incorrect, false or misleading information or withhold relevant information. This includes circumstances where the false information is unrelated to the assessment in awarding the scholarship.

Grievances and appeals

Contact the Student Support team for more information on how to lodge a grievance, complaint or appeal.