a new direction and an improved way to learn.

At Open Colleges, we’re always looking for ways to improve your learning experience, to give you the best chance to succeed and get the most out of your course. That means providing you with the right support at the right time, high-quality learning materials and an online learning platform that meets your needs.

We have recently been working on making some exciting enhancements to our learning platform, OpenSpace, which we will be launching to all courses progressively over the coming months, on a course-by-course basis. Once you’ve enrolled, we’ll notify you before your course will be moved over – you don’t need to do anything!


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When it comes to your studies, what’s most important to you?

  • Is it about getting the right support at the time you need it most?
  • Is it about being able to connect to an online community to chat and engage with other students in your course?
  • Is it about finding the time to study and balancing your other commitments?
  • Is it about motivating yourself to study?
  • Is it about having the right learning materials to help you succeed?
  • Is it about having an online platform that’s easy-to-use?

With OpenSpace, you will get all that and more.

What can you expect?


Support every step of the way

In OpenSpace, it is easy to find the help you are looking for, whenever you need it.

  • New Support Centre – all your support needs in the one place.
  • Global search – find what you’re looking for, fast.
  • Meet the Team – get to know the friendly people here to help you.
  • Submit a support request – anytime, anywhere and we’ll direct your enquiry.
  • All new FAQs, interactive tours, video content, study tips and more.

Study anywhere, anytime, on any device

Are you balancing work and study and want to be able to learn on the go?


OpenSpace is all about flexible and accessible learning.

  • Mobile and tablet friendly – interact with your course content on all types of devices.
  • Get the same high-quality experience no matter what device you’re using.
  • Study wherever you are – at home, at a library or café, or on-the-go.
  • Easy to navigate – new simple design and user-friendly interface.
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Customised to your needs

OpenSpace is all about making it easy for you to learn and be successful in your studies.

  • User-friendly course navigation – find your learning materials and move through your course with ease.
  • Customised learning dashboard – track your progress, see your course stats, resume your spot from last login.
  • Interactive site tours – get to know your new platform.
  • All new study tips and resources - helps you manage your time, set goals and plan ahead.

New ways to connect

When it comes to studying in OpenSpace – you’re never alone. There’s always an interactive online community you can connect to.

  • Tailored course and assessments discussion groups – ask your question to the right people at the right time.
  • Live activity feed – keep up-to-date with what’s happening in your course.
  • Message Centre – get important messages and keep in touch with other students more easily.
  • Learn as you go – share thoughts or resources about your course content with other students, without leaving the page.

Frequently asked questions - what you need to know

what you need to know

What is OpenSpace all about?

OpenSpace is your space. It’s your online learning platform. Everything to do to with your studies is right here: course content, study resources, groups and discussions, support and so much more.

We are committed to continuous improvement and are always looking for ways to enhance the learning experience for all of our students. We’ve made it easier to find what you’re looking for, move through your course and get help when you need it. Plus, we’ve made OpenSpace much more accessible so you can study on the go anywhere, anytime and using any device, whether that’s a mobile, tablet or desktop!

We know it’s important that wherever you are, whenever you have time to get work done, your learning platform will be there to meet your needs.

When is the new platform coming?

All students will be transitioned over to the new OpenSpace platform on a course-by-course basis over the coming months. It’s an exciting time and we look forward to continuing to deliver a high-quality, user-friendly online learning platform to all of our students!

Who can I speak to if I have questions?

If you have any questions about OpenSpace, please feel free to speak to one of our friendly Education Advisors on +61 2 8318 5158.

Not sure? Need some advice?

Speak to one of our Enrolment Consultant on +61 2 8318 5158
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