• How Misremembering Happens in the Brain

    January 4th, 2017 2 Comments Features

    Researchers at University College London, along with colleagues at Harvard and DeepMind Technologies, have found that we all experience false memories, especially when we’re drawing from several pieces of conceptually similar information. Martin J. Chadwick, who led the study, scanned the brains of 18 volunteers as they recalled lists of words crafted around a “lure,”… Read More

  • 5 Myths About Language Learning

    December 29th, 2016 1 Comment Features

    “I don’t have a knack for languages.” “I’ve got a memory like a sieve.” “I’m too old.” Have you ever caught yourself or someone else giving one of these excuses for not learning a new language? These excuses are based on myths that have held back language learners for decades. In particular, native English speakers… Read More

  • Teaching Grammar Through Rhythm

    November 24th, 2016 12 Comments Features

    Rhythm is inextricably tied to language. The human heartbeat shares a time signature with one of the most universal linguistic patterns known to man, the iambic meter (“Shall-I com-PARE thee-TO a-SUM mer’s-DAY?”). Speechwriters frequently use rhythm to their advantage, hoping to stir listeners with a specific cadence or tempo. Numerous studies over the past decade… Read More