The Achievement Gap [Infographic]

We’ve come a long way from the days of segregation in schools. Minority groups are no longer banned from educational opportunities, but fractures still exist. Today, the problem is largely economic. Socioeconomic factors play a major role in the achievement gap. The following infographic is a series of statistics showing a direct correlation between achievement and economic status in both Australia’s and the international school system.

What about your area? Do you think the achievement gap is directly related to social or economic status?

Click the infographic to see a larger version.

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Achievement Gap Infographic

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Andrianes Pinantoan is InformED's editor and part of the marketing team behind Open Colleges. When not working, he can be found reading about two of his favourite subjects: education and psychology. You can find him on Google+ or @andreispsyched.

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11 Comments on “The Achievement Gap [Infographic]

  1. Great infographic! It highlights some major issues in the schooling systems all over the world.

    It would be very interesting to find out how many people went onto find jobs and to what degree their schooling affected them in their careers.

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