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    Julie DeNeen has her bachelor's degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of New Haven. She spent several years working for a local Connecticut school at the district level, implementing new technologies to help students and teachers in the classroom. She also taught workshops to teachers about the importance of digital student management software, designed to keep students, parents, and teachers connected to the learning process.

    You can find out more about her @jdeneen4 and Google+.

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  • 50 Tips On How To Work Harmoniously With Parents

    May 13th, 2013 No Comments Features

    Every teacher wants parents to feel like they’re part of a team in support of a child’s learning.  Most teachers realize that effective communication with parents does not consist of a single act — such as a parent-teacher conference — but is instead part of an ongoing, two-way exchange.  Creating supportive, understanding relationships with parents… Read More

  • 50 Non-Profit Organizations That Educate People In Need

    April 16th, 2013 No Comments Features

    Education is the backbone of a successful society. Every human being should have the right, privilege, and opportunity to get the best education possible. Unfortunately in our world, this is often not a reality for many impoverished people groups. Education falls by the wayside as people groups struggle to find food, shelter, and healthcare. Changing… Read More