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A certificate in natural therapies can help you learn more about a long-standing passion or give you the knowledge you need to begin a new career improving the wellbeing of others. Whether you have an interest in the impact our diets have on our health or the benefits of restorative massage - we have a course to suit your needs and your schedule.

Certificate in Human Nutrition

What we eat has a key impact on our health. Discover the various applications of human nutrition through this online professional certificate, including nutrition for sport and fitness, the role of a healthy diet, nutrition in children and pregnancy and nutrition for weight management.

Certificate in Massage

Massage is widely used as both a remedial and restorative therapy.

Certificate in Aromatherapy Foundations

Aromatherapy involves the use of aromatic essential oils for therapeutic and preventative purposes. It is a widely practised discipline within the sphere of alternative healthcare.

Introduction to Natural Therapies Certificate

Open Colleges' Introduction to Natural Therapies Certificate is highly recommended for students seeking an overview of natural therapies practices, either for personal interest or prior to undertaking more specialised studies.

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