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by Andrianes Pinantoan

So… how about You?         

Let’s talk about your goals.

The Open Colleges Blog is an online community geared around your personal and career development. We’re here to talk about your goals, your future, your next big move. We’re here to connect with others, to inspire success, to share your views and ideas.

Your life is waiting for you. Get out there and be inspired, access outside resources, connect with people with the same interests, and open a conversation with those in the industry or area you’re interested in.

We’re paying attention to you… what will it take for you to achieve your goals?

The Open Colleges BLOG

We’re focused on developing ourselves to be the best we can be. We’re here for career exploration, personal exploration, outside resources, people in fields that interest you. We want self-assessment, new skills and traits… we want to know your plan of action.

Share advice and training options, and find updated specialist guidance from industry-leading experts in a clear, functional interface. Tell us your successes and accomplishments, talk about your challenges.

Discuss opportunities for learning, and talk with others who can help you in your personal or career planning.

Developing your personal path… YOUR way

Access a wide range of personal development or new vocation options via the Open Colleges main site. With over 100 years of distance education experience, discover your niche by exploring over 130 courses available with flexible study and payment options.

Open Colleges has helped over 70 000 people better themselves by providing cutting-edge courses in every field you can imagine. Whether you want a better job or a broader scope of personal skills and knowledge, Open Colleges can help you do it now.

Connecting with you

Pass on your feedback and contributions and keep in touch. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIn.

We want to help you discover your strengths. We want you to recognise and engage with topics you identify with. Network with others and connect today. Begin the conversation. 

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