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6 ways pets make our lives better

by Eliska Jeffrey

To celebrate the RSPCA Awareness week, 01 – 07 October, Eliska Jeffrey, Open Colleges Certificate IV in Vet Nursing student highlights the top six ways pets make our lives better!

im the dog

Every year in Australia, thousands of pets are euthanized because shelters simply do not have the capacity to look after them. Despite the 40 shelters nationwide, the RSPCA are struggling to be able to re-home the animals.

But there is something we can do about it! Adopting an animal will not only give a pet a new lease on life, but also change the lives of those who decide to save one.

Below are 6 ways a pet can change your life forever.

Pets save you right back

Maybe not in the Lassie kind of way, but in the emotional kind. As someone who struggles with anxiety, I can tell you first hand that my cat Sphinx is my personal therapist. While I strongly suggest going to a real doctor for help, animals seem to almost have healing powers when it comes to making you feel a little bit human again.

The internet is full of viral videos and stories of pets who support their owners through Asperger’s attacks, breakdowns and depression. Sometimes just having someone there who can’t talk to you through words but who will be there for you can be very healing.

Unconditional Love

Love comes in different forms and the love you receive from your pet is unconditional. They do not care if you are having a bad hair day or you are showing the signs of ageing.

They might not be there for the rest of your life, but they will forever leave a mark on your heart.

Furry, hairy, feathery teachers

Pets teach us many lessons, including responsibility and compassion. They can also show us how to live in the moment, how to overcome anger, how to play, how to be loyal, and how to love openly and fully.

Ultimately these lessons help us to be better people.

Meet new people

We live in a society where strangers pretty much avoid each other, which is pretty sad. Walking your dog, or taking them to a park is a great way to strike up conversations with other people.

I walk shelter dogs sometimes and when I take them to the dog park, I often end up chatting with the other dog owners. Plus, I get to play with their dogs too, which is always a bonus! Even ‘stay at home’ pets can help your social life. Having a pet is a great ice-breaker and who doesn’t love looking at animal photos!

Go boldly into adventure

Pets are magnets for adventures, big and small. Imagine all the fun things you can get up to with your new furry friend from the shelter.

Camping, hiking, dog beaches, or simply going to your local café can be exciting.

Get a beach body without a gym

Pets keep you active. Whether it’s a morning or an afternoon walk, or simply getting up to feed them, groom them or clean their habitat, having a pet can improve your health.

Even Goldie the goldfish can encourage you to get off the couch to feed him!

While we can’t save all the animals, I’d really encourage you to save one. That one animal is going to experience all the love you can give, and it will give it back times a hundred. You can change their life and they can change yours as well.

Of course before you adopt your new friend, you must be in this for the remainder of their life. Pets are not just there for when they are young and cute, or when they are healthy and easy to deal with. They are family, and you stick by your family no matter what.

Talk to your local RSPCA about what pet would be best for you, they can help you find the right one.


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